How to Decorate Like a Dumpster Diving Diva

I cannot stress this enough, curating a space that brings your body peace and your mind happiness is so essential to mental health. I don’t make my bed every morning because I was grew up that way. I make my bed every morning because walking into a my bedroom after a long day at work and seeing a tidy space instantly relaxes me. I suffer from crippling anxiety. So, designing a space that doesn’t induce, but rather mitigates my anxiety has been clutch as fuck for my mental health.

You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to create a stylish space. I sure as fuck didn’t. The only “expensive” item in my home is my couch and that was promise to myself. I always said when I landed my first “big girl job” I was going to buy a green mid-century modern couch. And I did.

And there it is folks, my green mid-century modern couch in all its glory. We will ignore the three tiny holes my girlfriend at the time accidentally burned into it within a month of me purchasing said couch. I’m happy to report she survived that day and is off ruining some other girls beloved furniture. And of course, like the cute sad girl I am I have a Sylvia Plath quote on display. But, besides my couch, majority of what I own I’ve found at apartment dumpsters, purchased second-hand, or found at Marshalls/TJ Maxx. One of cheapest ways I’ve found to decorate my space is by acquiring and the propagating houseplants.

House plants make excellent wall decor. They are a cheap and lovely way to make any boring wall fun. Plus its sustainable af. You see that little glass jar to right, that is a former juice shot tn reused to propagate a pothos. Recycling, but make it cute.

Put your books to decorating use. Displaying your books creatively can make a boring a bookshelf a total statement piece. I love bright colors, so I chose to organize my books in a rainbow scheme. I’m also a giant homo, so that could have something to do with it too. And don’t be afraid to repurpose things to better serve your needs. My TV stand is actually a used bookshelf I acquired off Facebook market, painted black, and turned on its side. Besides my boujee green couch, its the statement piece of my living room and a total conversation starter. People love exploring my book collection because I’ve made it fun to do so, and it always leads to the best conversations.

I love a good plant stand but I refuse to pay big bucks for them. I acquire stools and stands at discount places or thrift stores. West Elm can fuck all the way off. I don’t have money for that. . Its taken me close to three years to acquire all my pots and stands, but I love every single one. Sometimes the key to decorating is patience; waiting for the right piece at the right price. Don’t spend money on something you don’t love. Envision plant stand, manifest the crap out of it, and wait for universe to deliver. You, hour home, and your bank account will be much happier that way.

The girlfriend that burned holes in my couch redeemed herself by surprising me with a wooden map of one of my favorite places, Atlanta. I displayed this map using thumbtacks and repurposing door hooks that came with some cheap mirror I bought. I LOVE my wooden map from One Man, One Garage (a local Nashville artist). You can check out his work here

My bed frame was found at apartment dumpster in Atlanta. It was the exact bed frame I had been eyeing at IKEA, but was too broke to purchase. So imagine my sheer joy seeing it leaning besides my apartment dumpster while walking Sookie. It was like the universe gifted me my dream bed. I took that shit home, painted it black and thanked this strange world. The wooden stand I found on the side of the road on yet another dog walk. Its now my propagation station. I reuse wine bottles, beer bottles, and jars to both propagate and decorate. Zero budget decor.

My bedroom plant wall is like a sweet oasis and it was cheap as fuck execute and has totally transformed my space. I bought inexpensive desk organizers and wire baskets at Marshalls and repurposed them as plant holders. Again, I have recycled and repurposed jars into propagation stations/decor. I love my bedroom. I love my dumpster bed and plant wall. So chic. So cheap. Just call me a dumpster diving diva.

Here are some of my favorite details, starting with this cute portrait of Sook and I gifted to me by one of my favorite people on this planet. I love it infinitely. I wish you could see all the tiny details the artist captured. It is truly lovely. You can find artist @marieantoinette on instagram. Reasonable prices and astonishing work. 10/10 recommend.

Weaving unique mementos and knick knacks into your decor is a great way to show off your history and uniqueness. The crystal unicorn the center photos is my best friend’s grandmas. They found it while cleaning her room and sent it my way. I love it so much. It is very “Amber” but also a heirloom from a family that quite literally been saving grace for me. I love walking into my living room and seeing it every day. The ceramic flask to the right I acquired at craft fair. It is made by a Philly based artist. You can find their hilarious pottery at @wrongworld on instagram. The dinosaur to the left is from the dollar tree. I bought a bunch of them, painted them back and have hidden them throughout my home. Its like real life “Where is Waldo” game. I love it. I’m the only player though.

There you have it, my cute home created on budget. Its a place that brings me joy and peace. May you create a space that does the same.

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