The “Magical Yurt” and the Big Gay Wedding

It’s WEDDING SEASON! The bells are ringing everywhere, and I mean everywhere! So far this year we have been invited to three weddings, none of which were hosted in home our base of Atlanta, Georgia.

While the California and Australia weddings were a little out of our financial reach, we knew we could make the Florida one happen with a little creativity and whole lot of budgeting .

The “Magical Yurt”

Now when your friends want to get married on popular Florida beach in peak season, you have to get creative with your housing options if you don’t want to sell your left kidney, and your first born dog to afford the trip. Places along Destin Beach were 100% out of the question. Even outdated motels, the ones where you have a 22% chance of them actually washing your comforter, were about $250 a night. NO THANKS.

IMG_0108After lots of internet researching (like weeks worth), I stumbled on  Glamping Hub  a site similar to Airbnb, but exclusively focused on more creative housing options like treehouses, tiny homes, safari tents, yurts, and retro campers. For $105 a night I snagged a GORGEOUS air conditioned safari tent on not one, but TWO lakes with a clawfoot tub, a hammock, a mini fridge, and a fire pit!!! ****insert googly eyes***



Now, this great set-up wasn’t on the beach, BUT it was a short 50 minute drive to Panama City beaches, 55 minutes to Destin beaches, and a little over an hour to Pensacola beaches. I loved the idea of being away from the hustle and the bustle of the Florida beaches in rookie tourist season, while still being on a body of water. I mean really, this property was the best both worlds.


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Nikki immediately named it the “Magical Yurt”, and I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was technically a Safari tent, sometimes in relationships you just learn let them have the little things.


​ I cannot say enough incredible things about Twin Lakes Camping Resort. Our mattress was so ridiculously comfortable I finally had two solid nights of sleep in a row (which is 100% unheard of for me). The water was hot, the air conditioning was cool, and our tent was spotless.

Besides all that, the resort offers a lot of fun activities (perfect for families or couples) and rentals for the lake!  You can snag a couples kayak for $15 dollars a half day, or $40 a full day! They also rent out fishing gear (license required), and pond-toons.

kayak3 Now the town of DeFuniak Springs, Florida is small and not very exciting, but when you have a lake-side property, AND are close to white sandy beaches, what does it really matter any how? If anything, you reap the benefit of a cheaper rentals. But, if you are looking for a local adventure try checking out Holmes Creek Paddling Trail which leads to a crystal clear jaw-dropping natural spring.


Probably one of my favorite moments of the weekend was an unexpected tropical storm (not shocking as rain literally follows us on any vacation we take). While usually rain on a vacation is an annoyance, this was a hidden blessing. We opened up the front of our tent, and watched the clouds with the cool rain roll in from the comfort of our cozy king bed. There are no words to describe how peaceful, and almost spiritual it was to watch the rain fall across the crystal blue lake feet away from our doorstep.

Oh and the icing on the cake for a coffee addict like me, was this adorable camping mug waiting in my “magical yurt” as a complimentary souvenir. They seriously knew the way to my heart.

The Big Gay Wedding 


Obviously, the whole reason for the trip was to see our friends, Melissa and Courtney, take their vows to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.

Seeing as this was Nikki’s very first wedding, I thought lets do it justice and coordinate our outfits. I bought my dress first at a pop-up store in our local mall for 29 dollars! Yellow is such a great color for summer weddings, and the sheer bottom made it ideal for the beach.  Plus I couldn’t resist the idea of wearing a lemon print to a Florida wedding. It was just too perfect.  Now, originally the dress comes with little detailed straps to accent your chest, but since my boobs are basically non existent, I opted to use the ties around my waist to cinch the dress in. This saved me having any alteration costs, so I was one happy camper.

Afterwards I headed to Etsy to find Nikki the perfect bowtie. She’s a dinosaur fanatic and I wanted to make our first wedding as couple special and unique. After a little of searching, I found the perfect yellow and green dinosaur bowtie. I left her to the rest. She found these adorable yellow shorts and leather suspenders on ASOS. Her clothes didn’t arrive until 2 days before we left. We had no idea if the shades of yellow were going to match, but luckily it turned out perfect.



The wedding was absolutely stunning. I cried as the couple read their vows to each other. The weather was flawless and the skyline was matched only in beauty by the two radiating brides. It was a special day, and I feel blessed to have been a witness to the start of Melissa and Courtney’s new journey together.

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This weekend was one for the books. If you live in Georgia, Alabama, or Florida and are looking for a close get-away, don’t hesitate to book your trip at Twin Lakes Camping Resort, you will not be disappointed. If you don’t, and are looking for your own magical yurt experience, head over to Glamping Hub to book your own unique trip!